Hand-Knitted Tibetan Style Bracelet Unisex – Unique Handmade Jewelry


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This Hand-Knitted Tibetan Style Bracelet for Women is a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Each bracelet is handmade with intricate and delicate knitting techniques that are traditional to Tibetan culture. The bracelet is designed to be adjustable to fit most wrist sizes, and is made with high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. The bold and vibrant colors of the bracelet are sure to make a statement, and the intricate patterns and designs are sure to catch the eye. This bracelet is not only a beautiful accessory, but it also serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of Tibet. It makes a perfect gift for any woman who appreciates unique and handmade jewelry.

Style; national style
Material; Vajra
Processing technology: manual preparation
Type: Bracelet
Style: Unisex
Shape: U shape
Health function; none
Packaging: Individually packed
Applicable gift-giving occasions: anniversary celebrations, advertising promotions, trade fairs, travel souvenirs, business gifts, other
Series: Dragon Knot
Image: Dragon Knot


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